I have struggled and gone back and forth on whether to lift heavy or not. As a woman I still want to keep my feminine look. I want to keep that but I also know that I will not get to bulky. I have gone through periods of lifting heavy. I just recently returned to lifting heavier weights. So far it is going really well, I still fight the idea will I get to much muscle?

I have researched this quite extensively. I know that by lifting heavy I will be burning calories in a big way. I have always gone on the idea that cardio burns tons of calories. I also know that lift heavy weights and your body will keep burning calories for longer through out the day. Then why do I go back and forth on this!

I know I want more defined muscle even though Jon fights me on that one. I also know I do not have the testosterone levels to become HUGE. So lifting heavy gives me the opportunity to get the defined muscles that I want to have.

So I do know that lifting heavy will help me get the body I want. Another great fact is that it helps with Osteoporosis. Research has shown that lifting weights on a consistent basis will not only maintain your bones mass but will even help to build more bone. This is really important to for woman that are pre-menopausal. Another amazing reason for me to be increasing the weights that I lift!

Confidence is another reason to do it. Nothing makes me feel more confident then leaving the cardio area, and stepping into the weight room with the big guys. There is something about it that makes me feel bad ass! In my gym I am one of the only girls that venture over there and that makes me feel good about myself.

So I have just talked myself into continuing on this journey. What about you??

Should I lift heavy??