Fitness Quote of the Week

This is something I believe in more and more as I get older. Having turned 35 years old recently, I have come to realize that eating well and exercise was not just about how it makes me look. Yes, it is a plus that these things help to build my confidence and make me feel really good about myself. The best part is how great it is for my body on the inside. I only wish I had realized these things sooner in life. I think the biggest disservice I had given my body has been crash dieting. In the next month I will be going on vacation. This will be the first vacation I have ever gone on that did not start off with a major crash diet in the weeks leading up to going. This time I feel confident enough in how I have been eating all year and have accepted my body as is. This is a huge change for me. I would normally do a week long cleanse or follow the cabbage soup diet. I am hoping that I have not done to much damage to my body over the years. I am guilty of dieting, over exercise, under exercise, binging, over indulging, smoking and I still fall off the wagon from time to time. I am a work in progress. So far I like where things are going.