Zac Posen for Davids Bridal

Zac Posen will be joining designers Vera Wang and Melissa Sweet, as high end designers doing low end bridal lines for David’s Bridal. Truly Zac Posen, will be launched in February of 2014. There will be 6 ivory colored styles that will range in price starting at $850 and going up to $1,350. Also there will be 5 special occasion dresses in neutral colors and one in lavender priced at $195-$225. Another great thing about this line for fashion fans is the sizing. The sizing starts at 0 and runs to 14 in store and is available 16-26 by special order. It is uncommon to find designer lines in plus sizes. “I wanted to find a place where I could actually address them and dress them.” Zac Posen said of his decision to add sizes to his line. He knows that fashion fans are not just size 0 and wanted women of all sizes to feel spectacular on their special day.

The word is that the Posen dresses will be more risky in style than the flowey romantic feel of the Vera Wang White Collection by David’s Bridal. “I don’t necessarily feel the dresses are risky. There’s a romantic classicism to them with a va-va-va-voom quality.” Posen had said in an interview with USA Today.

Since I got married already last year, I am a not in the market for a new wedding dress. But a girl can dream can’t she. I will definitely be on the look out to see what Zac Posen has in for this new crop of brides!

Zac Posen for David's Bridal