So it has been a couple of weeks since I posted my workout for that week. This week I switched it up, instead of alternating cardio one day then full body weight training the next. I will be separating my muscle groups.

Monday: Shoulders and Triceps

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Cardio

Thursday: Chest and Biceps

Friday: Back

Saturday: Cardio

I will be shortening my cardio this week to no more than 45 minutes. I am trying to build a little more muscle, I will be lifting heavier than normal to see how that works for me. On each weights day I will choose 3 exercises per muscle group doing 3 sets with 8-10 reps. The weights will be heavy enough that the last 8-10 reps are extremely difficult to accomplish.

I am still doing the Squat Challenge So I do need to work those in as well. This week I intend on challenging myself.The last thing I want is to become complacent in my work out routine. I have a vacation to get ready for and a bikini to wear.

How are you going to challenge yourself this week?

Workout Wednesday