Well I have had an on and off love affair with the elliptical. I have been running a lot more on my cardio days. I do indulge in the elliptical from time to time. I say indulge because there was a time I would stay on the elliptical for 90 to 120 minutes a day, 6 days a week. It was an addiction! There are benefits to using the elliptical for cardio.

The elliptical causes less joint impact than other exercises. You can get into great shape and tone up using the elliptical while recovering much faster due to less joint impact. This I like because if I run for cardio every second day I find it hard on my knees. I have been running 3 days and doing the elliptical 2 days per week.

The elliptical can help in fixing weak quadriceps muscles. This is especially true when pedaling backwards. I like to alternate between pedaling forwards and backwards during my elliptical days. It also helps with me getting bored while doing cardio.

It works your gluteus maximus and hips more that other exercises do. Doing the elliptical here and there can help runners and cyclists develop those muscles, without putting to much strain on your hamstrings. I try to squat while pedaling backwards it really works your glutes. You want to work that tushie!

You can burn more calories without feeling like you are working a lot harder. The calorie burn can be as effective as running on a treadmill. I find my calorie burn to be just as high in 45 minutes on the elliptical than 45 minutes on the treadmill. This all depends on how hard you are working of course.

You workout both your upper and lower body on the elliptical. You can work your full body on the elliptical as long as you use your arms. It works your chest, biceps and triceps as well as your lower body. I love this about the elliptical. I can get the full body in my one cardio workout. Check out my previous blog post with my full body elliptical workout: http://nycfitfoodfashion.com/2013/05/24/full-body-cardio-workout/

Those are some very good reasons to get on the elliptical at home or at the gym! What do you love about the elliptical?

Benefits of using the Elliptical