Working out in the morning burns more calories? This is something I have been hearing a lot in the last year. Even on tv when a certain celebrity was interviewed, they had said when they were getting ready for a role they worked out in the morning because it burned more calories. I didn’t take them to seriously because they also said the only ate radishes and hummus to lose weight for this movie! It did get me thinking about what is the best time of day to work out and does the time of day make a difference in calorie burn?

I am sorry to disappoint any of you that were getting up bright and early to burn those extra calories but there is no scientific research to prove this theory. Calorie burn is more closely related to how hard you work while you are training. There are pros to working out in the morning and also pros to working out later.

A.M Workouts

  • If you go early, it is done. Nothing that comes up later will keep you from getting your workout in for the day.
  • You will sleep better. People that workout closer to bedtime usually have trouble falling asleep at night.
  • Having more energy in the morning you may be able to work out for a longer period. With your workout being longer and harder you just may burn those extra calories.

P.M Workouts

  • Your muscles are warmed up. In the morning your muscles will be more tight. Having your muscles warm up during the day will help you to lift heavier. You will be less likely to obtain injury.
  • You have the fuel to burn. Being later in the day you have hopefully had a few meals already. The calories burned through the day are perfect for fueling your workout.

Do what is best for your lifestyle. I tend to work out in the afternoon, after my breakfast and before my lunch. This is what works best for me right now. I do change the times depending on what is going on in my life at the time. Whether you decide to workout in the morning or later in the day, the important part is that you decided to workout to begin with.

What time do you workout at?

Myth Buster: Do you burn more calories if you workout in the morning?