Today is National Running Day. Like a lot of people I used to absolutely hate even the idea of running. A few years back one of my girlfriends had taken up running and loved it. I was inspired by her dedication but this still did not make me want to join in. She would ask me just to try, just come out and give it a chance. I would find any reason I could not to have to do this. For some reason even though I had not really run since school, I had convinced myself it was something I did not like doing. Maybe it had to do with all the laps they make you run around the field in gym class! Being an overweight kid did not make gym class fun for me. My memory of running was me falling behind everyone else and not being able to breath.  So my hate of running was really a fear of not being good at it or not wanting to embarrass myself. It is funny how we carry these feelings with us from childhood into being an adult.

Last year about 2 months before Jon and I were getting married in the Dominican Republic, I needed a way to get lean for my bikini! I no longer had a gym membership and was not looking to join one since I was moving to NYC after the wedding. I had to come up with a free way to drop the 5 pounds I wanted to lose. There was an awesome trail by my mom’s house, that she kept telling me I should check out. So I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Day 1 was horrible, I started running and as I feared I could not breath and my legs felt like jelly. I had to stop every minute and walk, I felt like a failure. Lasting only 15 minutes I headed home defeated. The next evening after work I got the running shoes back on pushed myself out the door. This time I had a plan, I was not going to start out at top speed. This time I was going to take it slow, starting with walking for about 5 minutes then running for 2 minutes. I alternated this and lasted about 30 minutes that day. When I got home I felt like I accomplished something. It was small but I was willing to keep going every night.

As the days went on I continued to run almost everyday. I was getting more lean and never felt better. The best part was that I had never felt more confident in myself. After about a month, I was hooked on running. I could finally see what all of those crazy running fanatics were talking about! I was also a little less stressed, I say a little because I was planning a destination wedding and then moving to another country. So, I could run daily and probably never get rid of all the stress I was feeling! It did help me through that period though.

If you have ever considered running but like so many others, think you hate it. DO IT. Not everyone is meant to run but I find most of the people that say they hate it have never given it a real honest try. Do not go out guns blazing running as fast as you can right away. That was my mistake, if you do I guarantee you will give up. Start slow give yourself the time to warm up to it. Do your research, search the internet for running tips. Social Media was great for this. The running community is a warm and welcoming one! I joined twitter and started forming friendships with some runners online. They were always around to answer my questions and to give support. Now I can honestly say I love running! I hope you have enjoyed me rambling on this morning. I am off to do my run for National Run Day!

What made you start running? or Why don’t you run?