I had a hard time deciding whether my choice for Inspiring Food Star of the Week was Food or Fitness. Tosca Reno inspires me to eat and eat well but she also inspires me to be fit.

fit food fashion

The first time I was introduced to Tosca Reno was in her monthly column in Oxygen Magazine. I was amazed by this woman, that at the age of 40 she had started to transform her body and get healthy. Then I was really inspired by her when I bought her book The Eat-Clean Diet. I bought this book back in early 2000 but I was not really ready to take my health seriously. I had read it and started the diet but did not stick to it. The problem for me was I never had the drive to cook in the kitchen. Fast forward to this past year, I got married and finally had the push I needed to learn how to cook. Immediately, Tosca came to mind and I bought The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook.

fit food fashion

This book has become my go to for making dinner. The first dish I made was Chicken Cassoulet, Jon seemed skeptical but once he tried it he loved it. Since then I have cooked about 90% of the recipes in the book. There is not a bad one in the bunch!  We have bought two more of her Eat-Clean Diet Cookbooks. These are the books I have been learning how to cook with. Not only are we having fantastic meals that taste great but they are good for you too!

This lady is definitely an inspiration. She shows that you really can make changes in your life at any stage. The great thing about Tosca is that she is relatable, she is a mother, a business woman, a motivational speaker and an inspiration to women all over the globe. Thank you Tosca Reno for being an incredible inspiration to me and all of your other fans!

Who inspires you to eat better?