I am admittedly one of those people that get on their scale way to often. It is part of my morning routine, I do it every single day. I get up I brush my teeth and then I weigh myself. I do not miss a day unless I am away. Sometimes I do it twice a day, after the gym. Is this a little obsessive? Maybe. This used to be something that could make or break my day. The scale and I had a very unhealthy relationship. These days I know better. It is just part of my morning ritual. I am more aware now, that it is impossible that I gained 5 pounds over night. Unless I had some how eaten 17,500 calories in my sleep.

There are pros and cons on weighing yourself daily and I have read many articles on this. The major con is the frustration that people feel when their weight fluctuates or stuck at a plateau. For me the biggest pro has been that I use it as a warning system so that I can keep weight in check. I know that if I gain a few pounds one day it is usually water but if it stays there over the week, I know to cut back. Research has shown that weighing yourself daily can be beneficial. After studying 3,500 individuals from the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) who’ve maintained 60 or more pounds of weight loss for at least a year, researchers found that 44 percent weighed themselves daily.

I am going to continue to weigh myself daily. It is just a habit really but I like knowing where I stand. I think it is a personal preference , if you know that gaining a pound or two is going to ruin your whole day then I do not suggest you do it. Where do you stand on this topic? What works for you?

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