Living in the Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton neighborhood has some perks. One of them being the amazing selection of restaurants on 9th Ave. Some nights when we can not decide where we want to have dinner we just wander 9th and almost always end up somewhere great! This is the case with Jing NYC, an awesome japanese/chinese fusion restaurant. Since finding this hidden gem we have eaten at Jing a handful of times.

fit food fashionWe have tried a number of their appetizers. My favorite so far, Tri-Color Tartare is pictured above. Chopped yellowtail, tuna, and salmon with a special sauce.

fit food fashion

I always order a bento box because you can not beat the food for the price. It comes with a salad, miso soup, edamame, shrimp shumai, sushi roll and a choice of beef, chicken, salmon teriyaki or sashimi, sushi dinner. You can get all of that for $17-$18! An amazing deal but it is the food quality that keep me coming back!

fit food fashion

Jon always orders the same thing the sushi & sashimi combo. He loves it so why mess with a good thing. It comes with a soup or salad, 5 pieces of sushi, 12 pieces of sashimi and a california roll (which he substitutes for eel and avacado roll). All for $26.00!

If you happen to be on 9th Avenue looking for a sushi joint, I highly recommend Jing. We will be returning I am sure very very soon!

fit food fashionJing

689 9th Ave (9th Ave. between W 47th St. & W 48th St.), New York, NY 10036
(212) 245-0800