Normally today I would share my 7 day work out for Workout Wednesday. Instead I am going to address eating enough to compensate for your workouts. Since I started blogging I have been surfing around reading other blogs out there. One of the things I read the most is young girls blogging about doing hours of cardio and boasting of eating only 500 or even less calories that day! When I read things like that it takes me back to how I used to feel about food and working out.

We all have heard the simple formula for weight loss: burn more calories than you consume. It sounds easy right? The problem is a lot of people hear that and start slashing their calorie intake in half and spend hours per day in the gym. I have done this myself so I also know that you do not get results this way and end up frustrated and then slash more calories. I never knew I was doing it wrong until I started researching why I was not achieving the results I wanted.

How do you Lose Weight Safely?

To do this safely you should ideally take in 500-1000 calories less than what you are burning. To get started you need to figure out how many calories you are eating right now and deduct accordingly or you may need to add. I know in my case I was always eating to little and needed to add more healthy foods to my daily diet. Be careful, cutting calories too much can slow your metabolism  and while you may still lose weight, too drastic of a change in calories could burn the muscle you are trying to build instead of the fat you are working so hard to lose. Lessening your calories will also kill your energy levels, making your workouts that much harder. It is hard to work out without the proper diet to fuel your workout. Make sure you are satisfied through out the day, hunger and energy wise. This will allow for you to lose weight gradually. Healthy weight loss should be 1-2 pounds per week.

What is the Right Amount of Calories?

The general rule from most of the articles I have read, is that no less than 1200 calories for us ladies and 1500 for men. Depending on your weight now this may not be enough for you. There are many ways to figure out the proper calorie count for you. I keep track of mine with my fit bit one and app. Before I had that I used My Fitness Pal both of these have been great for keeping me in check. You can also use a calorie calculator like this one

Where does Activity Come into this?

When I work out I do try to keep track of what my approximate calorie burn is. My fitbit has really helped with this since it does keep track of my calories burned throughout the day. When I work out I normally burn about 500-600 calories so knowing that, I add that to my 1200 calorie goal. This leave me at about 1700 calories per day. Once I had figured this out, I realized that I was not eating enough to compensate for my workouts. I was very happy to learn I could eat more. No more skipping meals for me! In writing this post I hope that it can reach even just one of those young girls out here in the blog world! What do you do to ensure that you are getting the energy that you need for your day?

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