There are many fitness myths floating around out there, ab exercises will give you a flat stomach is one I have heard quite often. Like many woman I spend quite a bit of time trying to achieve a flat stomach or the ever illusive 6 pack. This topic has been brought up in many conversations I have had and most times the answer I get is: ” You should try working your abs or doing crunches”. This usually comes from someone that does not hit up the gym very often. I want to sarcastically answer “Wow, thanks I never actually thought of working my abs when I am at the gym everyday!”.

What I do know is that doing abdominal exercises will strengthen the abs muscles but it does not burn the layer of fat that is on top. Getting rid of the fat is what is going to give you that 6 pack look. Cardio, a proper diet and abdominal work is going to help you get a flat stomach. There is not one answer you need all three steps to make the perfect abs. Get more exercise, cardio and strength training. Eat a clean diet, keep it well balanced and drink a lot of water. Once you have lost the belly fat then work out your ab muscles. If done before then it might make your tummy appear bigger than it is, if you actually start to increase the size of your abdominal muscles. If you are at the point where you are ready to start doing more ab work here are some exercises that are helping me get closer to my goal :

  • ab crunches
  • knee raises
  • planks (side, punches, leg lifts)
  • flutter kicks
  • bicycles
  • opposite arm and leg raise

What are your favorite ab exercises?