The first cookbook I ever owned was Jamie Oliver “Return of the Naked Chef”.

I fell in love with Jamie Oliver on the food network cooking show: The Naked Chef. He made me want to learn how to cook! I never did cook anything from this book or from the show but I loved the pictures and he was always entertaining. Now that I have learned how to cook and actually enjoy it this book may be something I will have to uncover and cook something for my husband from it!

Over the years I have watched Jamie on the food network but he really got me when he started campaigning to improve unhealthy diets and poor cooking habits in the United Kingdom and the United States. I loved his tv show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, I was shocked it only was on for one season. If you have a chance to watch it online you should! It follows Jamie as he travel from Huntington, West Virginia to Los Angeles, California trying to change the way Americans eat and really focused on the fast food obsession. I loved his interaction with the children at the schools he visited. He has great compassion for the children and their diets. I was shocked by the school system and how they got around regulations to feed the children food that was so bad for their health just to save a few dollars. Over the years Jamie has been trying to radically change the schools meal systems. Jamie’s efforts brought the subject of school dinners to the political forefront and changed the types of food served in schools.

While doing all of this Jamie still manages to publish many cookbooks the latest being “Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals” and still has a show on the food network “Jamie at Home”. For all of these reasons he is an inspiration. Not only because of his amazing recipes but his passion for wanting to make changes in the lives of all of our families and the most important of all our children. Having healthy diets for our children is where it all begins. I wish I knew more about health at a younger age and had been taught to make better choices for myself. Thank you Jamie Oliver for inspiring me and so many others! Who inspires you to make changes?