Looking back over the years there are many people that have inspired me to be fit and lead a healthier lifestyle.  My journey to become fit began at a young age with the workout video: Cindy Crawford “Shape Your Body”. Some of you may remember this video starring Cindy Crawford with personal trainer Radu Teordescu. The video came out in 1992, I was way to young to actually commit to working out on a regular basis. It did leave a big impression on me though. This video has come under fire by professionals but I had always found it effective and never suffered any injuries from doing the workouts on it as reported. The video contains 3 strength-based workouts: a 45-minute workout focused on stretching and toning your legs plus working your buttocks, chest, back, and abs; a 40-minute workout aimed at building power and strength in your legs plus working your shoulders, arms, and abs; and a quick, 10-minute full body training routine using no equipment. Because the first two workouts target different muscle groups, they are designed to be performed on consecutive days, while the third workout is meant as a short bonus for days that you don’t have time do more than that.

I think what inspired me at that age was that Cindy was a strong woman, unlike many of the super models that came after her.  Someone that I looked up to and aspired to be like.

She followed up this video with 2 others. The second one: Cindy Crawford The Next Challenge Workout was better than the first one and my personal favorite.a one-hour workout combining stop-and-start cardio movements that are athletic (no dance) with muscle endurance moves with and without light weights. The cardio section uses moves like jogging, jumping, leg swings, and power moves such as fast lunge combinations, squats with jumps, and karate kicks. The lower body strengthening moves include variations of lunges and squats using body weight. The upper body exercises are incredible especially the chest workout, still one of the best I have ever done! I may even grab another copy since they are all still available online!

The third one: Cindy Crawford A New Dimension I have never done so maybe I will grab that one as well!

It is now 20 years later and Cindy Crawford still inspires me! She is a mother of 2 and still fit, strong and a great role model. Cindy is still the type of woman I aspire to be like. Thank you Cindy Crawford for helping me start my long journey into becoming healthy and strong! Who inspired you to be strong and healthy?