This quote really stood out to me. Over the years I find I was always working out to be SKINNY and not really thinking about what it means to be FIT. This has really been a focus for me the last 5 months. At first when I decided to add some weight training into my routine I already knew the benefits but being a slave to the scale I was afraid of the numbers going up and not down. I now see the results though and  I also do not slave away on the elliptical anymore. FIT will always look better than SKINNY any day. On top of that I have reached an age where I actually consider my health! I want to stay healthy longer. SKINNY was not going to get me there.

Being skinny was hours of cardio and a daily diet that would scare many dieticians! I eat to NOURISH my body now. This is what I used to eat on a typical day: breakfast was a coffee with skim milk, lunch was a cup of soup, half a whole wheat roll, coffee with skim milk and dinner was the same thing. I was starving all of the time but I was SKINNY  and I was very unhappy. Think about how grumpy you get when you are famished. When you are so hungry it hurts. That was me on a lot of days. Now life is a lot different. In order to be FIT I need to eat to give fuel to my body to build that muscle and tone that I want. I wake up and I actually eat a breakfast! A real breakfast! This was a big step for me. Every morning I have a bowl of high protein cereal and I still enjoy my coffee. Then I hit the gym. I come back and I eat right away. Usually some eggs or left overs from dinner the night before. I sit down and eat a real lunch! The other thing I do that I could not bare to do when I was fighting to be SKINNY is I have an afternoon snack. This gets me excited because at this point I have already consumed way more than I would have before and I feel fantastic about it! Dinner is fish and veggies a lot of the time because it is my favorite but we also have many other great dishes that we like to cook at home. Please stop into my food section as that is where I will be keeping the recipes! On top of that I even have a snack at night. The best part of this is I feel like I look no different. Scratch that I look better than before and I actually get to eat and enjoy food! Who would have thought that was real.

I am not really going to put a lot of focus in this post on the ignore part but we all know that sometimes when you start something new you are going to have people that support you and others that may not. I get it. People can be ignorant at times to things they do no understand. Also sometimes people view your passion for something as obsession. Either way I am proud to say I am obsessed with getting healthy. There is nothing wrong with that. On that note I am going to finish up my breakfast and hit the gym! Do you have a favorite fitness or health quote you have seen recently?