This year I had decided to take part in the Revlon Run/Walk. As a woman I have vested interest in supporting finding a cure to women cancers. I have also found a new love in running! I wanted to raise money but also attempt to run the full 5k from Times Square into Central Park. My hubby is not a big fan of running but I wanted to enlist some support so I registered him to go with me. Leading up to May 4th I started adding running into my regular work out routine. I was surprised at how hard running 5k could be but I was determined to do and run the full way. We started to collect donations through a page set up on the EIF Revlon Run/Walk website. Setting it up was very simple and easy!

Not so easy was convincing Jon to start running with me after work. He eased into it 2 weeks prior to the event. He found it difficult so I figured this may not end up being a fun couples activity! We picked up our t-shirts early at the Times Square Visitors Center this was also easy and convenient.

The big day arrived and I was pumped to get up early. Jon not so much! We made our way from our place down to Times Square. The city was quiet in the early morning until we hit Times Square. I was surprised by all the people that were already there so early! There were a lot of teams which I would love to form another year. Some of the teams were dressed up in wigs, face paint and costumes. It was great seeing so many people come together to support women! The warm up was done by fitness guru Denise Austin. Then they had speeches from the people of Revlon as well as Revlon brand ambassadors Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone. I was itching to get to the front of the starting line so I did not get any photos of the ladies! They performed a countdown then confetti covered the crowd!

We started off weaving through the crowd to get a running start. Once we started running it was awesome to be able to run through the streets of NYC. I was shocked that my stamina was not what it was running on the treadmill at the gym and that Jon seemed to be doing better than I was! Once we got into the park it started to get harder, there was a lot of uphill running. As we started to slow down it was seeing little kids zoom past me that motivated me to not wimp out! The best site was seeing the finish line in the distance we sprinted towards it! As we ran through I was so proud to see that we made it there in 33 minutes! Once over the line we were greeted with medals, swag bags, refreshments and lots of well wishers. It was a great experience and something we will definitely do it next year. Even Jon admitted that he enjoyed himself and would be willing to partake in other races with a 5k limit! Till next year EIF Revlon! Anyone know of any races coming up in NYC?