My Top 3 Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers
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Ok guys, traveling with toddlers can be tough. We travel quite a bit, by air and in the car. We have come up with a couple of tips that work in the car and on the plane.

  1. Bring Snacks. This not the time to cut back on your kids snack eating. Bring all of the snacks that your toddler loves with you in your purse or carry on. Traveling with toddlers can be a nightmare if you do not have the right snacks to distract them. Our favorites are: animal crackers, fruit snacks, mixed nuts or trail mix and cookies. Eating will help to calm their nerves and keep them distracted for a while.
  2. Bring their favorite books and stuffed animals with them. This was really key for us when we started traveling with toddlers. It is all about distractions, we have the snacks and now we have some quiet entertainment. Our girl will spend the better part of an hour looking through her books and even better if you brought some crayons and a coloring book too. Stuffed animals are great if they actually decide to get some sleep because they obviously will provide comfort.
  3. Bring an IPad or some sort of hand-held electronic. This is our last resort while traveling with our 2.5 year old. If all else fails I know that I can get her to sit for a decent amount of time on the IPad while watching a movie that we downloaded for her. It is even better if she is watching a movie and eating a snack. We have made it through 4 hour flight this way with barely any problems.

Those are my top 3 tips for traveling with toddlers. We travel at least once a month so this really has become second nature for us. What are some tips that work for you?

Benefits of Radiotherapy for Cancer Treatment

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy is one of the most common treatments for tumors and cancers. In this therapy, high-energy rays or particles such as gamma rays, x-rays, protons or electron beams are used to target and destroy the cancerous and tumor cells in the body. This therapy can treat a large number of cancers which include prostate breast, thyroid cancer and more.

Following are the benefits of radiation therapy for the treatment of cancers and tumors.

Restricted Damage

Unlike other treatments of cancer such as chemotherapy which spreads all over the body and causes equal damage of healthy body cells, radiation therapy is restricted to a particular body location where tumor or cancer exists. Because of this limited approach, the surrounding healthy cells of the body are safe from the harmful effects of radiations.

Effective for the Treatment of Localized Cancer

Those tumors which haven’t metastasized i.e. they haven’t spread to other body areas can be effectively treated via radiation therapy alone. This is because radiotherapy delivers precise doses of tumor-destroying radiations right at the cancer site. The effect of these doses is very strong on the cancerous cells because the radiation rays are not diverted or diverged to any other body area. Hence, their potent localized action destroys the localized tumor cells effectively.

No Scarring

Radiation therapy doesn’t cause any scarring on the body. In rare cases, very minimal skin scarring is observed but these scars are not permanent and fade away with time. All in all, radiation therapy causes minimal cosmetic damage to the patient’s body.

Treating Delicate Body Areas

Since radiation therapy is a highly localized procedure, it’s used to target tumors and cancers in extremely delicate areas like nose, ears, eyes, and mouth.

Use as an Adjuvant Therapy

Radiation therapy is also used in combination with other treatment options for cancers like chemotherapy in order to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment. The synergistic effect of both therapies rapidly destroys the cancerous cells and slows down their multiplication in the body.

Use As Palliative Treatment

Radiation therapy is also used as a palliative treatment when complete elimination of cancer is not possible from the body. Radiation therapy as palliative treatment works to shrink the rapidly growing cancer or tumor in order to stop it from metastasizing, and relieves symptoms such as extreme pain and inflammation.

Used Before and After the Surgical Procedure

Radiation therapy also assists in the treatment of those tumors which need to be removed via surgery. In such cases, radiation therapy is applied before the surgical procedure to shrink the tumor size and it’s used after the surgery to destroy any remaining cancerous cells which can multiply in future.

Less Time Consuming

Radiation therapy sessions are less time-consuming as compared to other cancer treatments. These sessions usually take less than one hour. Sometimes, the session can be as small as fifteen minutes. Also, there’s no requirement of hospital stay as radiotherapy is a completely outpatient procedure.

5 Guilt Free Snack Ideas

If you are like me, you love to snack and are not that big on eating huge meals. But what can you eat that will not leave you feeling super guilty the rest of the day??

Here are a few things that I like to eat for snack and they are also healthy!

  1. Hummus and Veggies: I am obsessed with hummus and I could eat it every single say. Sometimes I do it every day. At 70 calories for 2 tbsp and delicious it is on my meal plan every single week. My favorite veggies to eat it with are carrots, celery, pepper spears and chopped broccoli.
  2. Plain Greek Yogurt and Fruit. I love to eat yogurt! I used to eat all the regular brands without thinking of all of the added sugars. I now love to have plain no-sugar added greek yogurt and add my own toppings. Blueberries, strawberries and honey are just a few of the toppings that I add to my yogurt.
  3. Peanut Butter and Apple Slices. There really is no explanation necessary for this one. I use all natural peanut butter like Justin’s Peanut Butter.
  4. Nuts. When I am starving and just wanting a little something to make my stomach stop growling, I go for a small handful of nuts. My favorite is roasted, lightly salted cashews! They are delicious!
  5. Smoothies or protein shakes. My blender is the most used appliance in my kitchen and this is due to my obsession with shakes. I have them for breakfast daily and I also find them to be a great post workout snack. Just be careful not to add too many yummy things to them and then kill your calorie count for the day.

I hope you enjoyed my list of 5 Guilt Free Snack Ideas. What is your favorite snack food?



Peaches Rule The Summer


Who can turn down a fresh peach? It’s one of the quintessential fruits of the summer. And of course, they have various other attributes. They represent everything from beauty, to sexuality, to longevity.

This summer, however, they also represent trends.

The peach is thriving in the warm weather months of 2016, and there are three different ways that you can utilize it to make your summer that much more juicy.

The Fruit
You should always try to buy produce in season, and peaches are no different. They’re sweeter and juicier at the height of season than they are at any other time of the year. Plus, they’re likely grown and sold from a closer, local market than they are off-season, where they have to be imported from various locations.

According to research, the average peach only contains a measly 37 calories. Granted, the size of the peach that you have can certainly vary the fruit’s caloric value, but that’s a fairly low average when you’re counting calories. They also contain potassium, phosphorus, folate, vitamin E (an antioxidant), and vitamin K among others, making them a healthy and delicious treat.

The Lifestyle and Organizational App
“Peach” is a newer app in professional communication. Described here as “a new social networking app that combines Slack-like commands with a Facebook Messenger-style interface,” Peach is already used by impressive companies. Those include Asos, Merriam-Webster, and publishers like Vice and The Washington Post.

Users can post status updates, follow friends and colleagues, and have conversations with the same ease of texting. That being said, the app works best when used in a corporate setting, where there is usually more need for a universal form of communication among workers.

The Color
Not surprisingly, peach is a trendy color right now. Fashion inspiration is usually pulled from seasonal surroundings, and peaches are everywhere this time of year. You can easily grab a top or dress in peach, but why not have a little more fun with the color this season?

A peach blazer or pair of peach-colored skinny jeans can give you a feminine and flirty look. Or you can grab a few peach accessories. As you can see from this bags collection, designers are still coveting the color of the season. Try Stella McCartney’s Mini Tote for a professional look, or Anya Hindmarch’s “Smiley” tote for something a little more casual.

Let peaches inspire you this season. You never know. It might just become your new favorite fruit, color, and app!

Beth Anderson is a lifestyle blogger from San Francisco. She loves researching the latest trends, a strong cup of coffee, and her rescue cat, Marty.

peach bag

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Sandals Royal Bahamian

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Exercises for Muscle Maintenance

Exercise, workout, cardio, yoga and the other form of practise will help you maintaining the body weight. When it comes to the maintenance of your muscle there are strict diet and exercise which you need to be focused. Muscles get loosen very easily one wrong move and the entire effort will go on toss. Muscles are all over your body and it won’t take more than 30 minutes for you to maintain it and if it’s done rigorously than even twice a week would be sufficient.

There are over 500 muscles in your body which pump in the blood throughout below exercise will help you to work upon particular muscles to help in maintaining them.

Push ups– There are multiple variations of push ups and these helps in maintaining the chest, abdominals, shoulders and arms muscle.

1. Lie down on the floor by keeping your ankle straight and knees all high.

2. Place your palms on the floor with a bit of the sides in front of your shoulders.

3. Keep your chest and chin tucked and face towards the floor.

4. Lift your body by balancing your arms and feet. Repeat it for around 10 times relax by lying down for some time.

Squats– It helps in strengthening the entire body but this is wonderful for thighs, hips and buttocks muscle.

1. Stand on the feet by keeping things apart from each other.

2. Bend a little to the back and go on your heels with hands on the hips.

3. Make a chair like posture and breathe in and out for a better focus keep counting your breathe.

Arm press– This could be done with or without the equipments, this support the arms and shoulder muscles.

1. Pickup the dumbbells or a ice freeze bottle covered with a napkin in each hands, sit on the chair which is firm and comfortable to support your back.

2. Place your feet on the ground, maintain the gap between your chair and the back.

3. Bend the elbows and raise the dumbbells or ice bottle up and level them to your ears.

Plank– there are around 50 variations in plank, when the routine exercise gets boring try all the variations. Abdominals, shoulders, chest, lower back, buttocks, and thighs muscles are the basic that is covered under plank.

1. Lie on the ground, hands straight keeping the elbow apart.

2. Place the balance on the forearms and toes.

3. Pull your abs and focus on the hips and do not let it drop.

Running is another form of muscle exercise which strengthens the legs and hips muscle. Nordictrack freestride trainer FS7i reviews and Nordictrack Treadmill Reviews will give the best review about brands and the products for all those who don’t prefer jogging on the road or in any public area.

Met Gala 2016

Last night was the Met Gala here in NYC and it did not disappoint! Here are some of the stand out fashions:

Lady Gaga Met Gala 2016
Lady Gaga Met Gala 2016

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Magic Hour Trend at Free People

Magic Hour by Free People
Magic Hour by Free People

How gorgeous is that jumpsuit above? I am obsessed with the new Magic Hour line from Free People! As usualy they do not disappoint. I am really digging this beachy vibe! I purchased a whole bunch of stuff before I took my vacation recently and I may have to get some more. There was a also a gorgeous red jumpsuit that I picked up. What are you waiting for? Check out Free People today!

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Kelly Ripa Returns to Live with Kelly and Michael!

This has been a huge gossip filled week for Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan and as a fan of hers, I am so glad that she is back to work on Live with Kelly and Michael. A lot has been said about her being a diva through all of this but I am going to disagree with that. The way that ABC has treated her currently and in the past when Regis left is horrible and they have not given her the respect she deserves. Let’s be real this is her show, she ran Live with Kelly in search of a co-host years ago and she rocked it.

ABC has acknowledged wrong doing and publicly apologized to Kelly. Even though this has happened the public still like to blame Kelly for it. Isn’t it time that we stopped hating on women for standing up for themselves. I think she is fantastic at her job and a real tough cookie. She is the type of woman who young girls can look up to and in fact I have been looking up to her for decades. The show was around before Michael and it will continue to thrive without him. I have to add, I am also a huge Michael Strahan fan and he will do amazing things over at GMA.

I honestly think that Kelly does not even need a co-host. She could run this show with guest hosts on a permanent basis. I definitely thought she did an amazing job at it last time she was left without a co-host.  That is just my idea. If I had to choose I would go with Neil Patrick Harris as my top choice and Jerry O’Connell as a runner-up. What are your thoughts, who would be your choice as a new co-host for Kelly Ripa?

If you missed Kelly returning to the show this morning you can read more on this and see a clip HERE

LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL -2012 - New gallery selects. (Disney-ABC/Jim Wright) KELLY RIPA, MICHAEL STRAHAN
LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL -2012 – New gallery selects. (Disney-ABC/Jim Wright)


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