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Nanette Lepore #NYFW Fall 2015

I have been on vacation over the last week. Since I was away I did not have the opportunity to post about my favorite designer Nanette Lepore’s Fall 2015 show. Believe me it did not disappoint. In the week’s leading up to the show Nanette had been hash tagging images on Instagram and twitter as #poshrebel. What is posh rebel?

The pos rebel was Nanette’s muse for her Fall 2015 collection. Posh rebel is, “a woman who’s pushing her way out there in the world and making things happen,” Nanette had said back stage to Women’s Wear Daily.  “It is a great time to be a woman right now”.

The color choices for the collection were gorgeous. My favorite being the pink tone and the gold detailing that was used. As a huge Nanette Lepore fan, I can also appreciate the detail that always goes into her fabulous print pieces. Let’s take a look at some of the looks from the New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Nanette Lepore show:

Nanette Lepore Fall NYFW2015


Nanette Lepore Fall 2015

Nanette Lepore Fall 2015

Nanette Lepore Fall 2015

Nanette Lepore NYFW 2015

Nanette Lepore NYFW Fall 2015

Nanette Lepore Fall 2015

Nanette Lepore NYFW Fall 2015

Such a great show from a true New York City fashion designer, Nanette Lepore job well done! If you would like to see more photos from the show WWD did a great slide show on their site. Check it out here.  Now that NYFW is over, what was your favorite show for Fall 2015?

Tommy Hilfiger #NYFW Fall 2015

Good Morning Readers! Yesterday Tommy Hilfiger put on a really creative Fall 2015 show for New York Fashion Week. Each of Tommy Hilfiger’s 37 models dressed in complete football uniforms and posed for trading cards. For the show Hilfiger created a football stadium. The stadium was complete with a jumbotron, Astroturf, scoreboard and bleachers. Tommy pulled off the venue, making it feel like a football game and not a fashion show. I am normally a fan of Hilfiger’s work but this season, fell flat for me. Let’s take a look at some of the pieces at Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015:

hilfiger fall 2015

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

Tommy Hilifiger Fall 2015

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

What did you guys think of Tommy Hilifiger’s Football inspired show?

BCBG Maxazria #NYFW Fall 2015

BCBG Maxazria Fall 2015
BCBG Maxazria Fall 2015

New York Fashion Week is back! I do not have the time that I had before to watch all the shows on live stream. I did manage to catch a few glimpses here and there yesterday while taking care of the baby. Oh, how life has changed. One of my favorite shows season after season is BCBG Maxazria and yesterday was no different. A lot of times when I watch shows, it is a lot of fantasy and outfits that I can not see translated into my regular mommy lifestyle. This show was full of cozy knits that I could see being wearable for any woman next fall. There was a lot of neutral tones in the BCBG Maxazria show, which I love. If this is any indication we will be seeing lots of off white and beige tones in the fall. Lots of layering up and pretty patterns showing up on the run way as well. Let’s take a look at some of the memorable pieces from yesterdays BCBG Maxazria show:

BCBG Fall 2015

BCBG Fall 2015

BCBG Fall 2015

BCBG Fall 2015

BCBG Fall 2015

BCBG Fall 2015

What was your favorite New York Fashion Week Show yesterday?

Instagram Weekly Wrap Up

Hey guys! I hope you are all having an amazing week. Last week was a really cold one around here. Us gals were alone for a few days but we got a long just fine. Lots of cuddling and watching Sesame Street. I did not have tons to take pictures of last week, staying in doors tends to do that but I did manage to get some pictures up on Instagram. Here is a look at what was going on for NYC Fit Food Fashion on Instagram:

Puerto Rico



coffee drinking

pork chops

justin timberlake and jessica biel


Yogi Tea

BCBG Dress

ryan gosling restday

baby fashion

Free People

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Grammys Red Carpet 2015

Taylor Swift at the Grammys 2015
Taylor Swift at the Grammys 2015

Happy Monday morning! Last night was the Grammy Awards and the stars were out and some of the music stars were looking totally outrageous. Did you catch Madonnas outfit?? Wow, maybe it is time for her to stop screaming for attention and let some of the younger stars shine. I do not say it often but Kim Kardashian looked stunning. Rihanna was a total fashion disaster in my opinion and my absolute favorite for the night was Taylor Swift. Taylor has been killing it in the style category this past year. Ms. Swift has really got an eye for fashion or her stylist does. Here is a look at some of the looks from last night:

Check out Clean Eating Mommy!

Hey guys! This past week, I launched a new blog called Clean Eating Mommy. If you have not seen it please head over and check it out. I will be posting about being a first time mom, clean eating recipes and workouts post baby. This week we have put out a few posts, here are some links to check them out:

Welcome to Clean Eating Mommy

Just Me and the Little Gal

10 Clean Eating Smoothies

Clean Eating Salmon Moroccan Style

How did we end up co-sleeping?

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing them xo

Clean Eating Mommy
Clean Eating Mommy

Holiday Binges: Replace Your Excuses with Healthy Alternatives-Guest Post

Binge Eating
Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

The holidays are a time of indulgence. Most people pack on serious pounds within the span of a week, but according to some experts, people largely don’t care that they’re fattening their liver or adding wiggly bits to their midsection. It’s almost a rite of passage. But, if you normally fall off the wagon during the holiday season, and you want to get back on it for the spring, here’s how to replace your excuses with healthy alternatives.

Stop Treating Every Holiday as an Excuse to Binge

Holidays are a wonderful way to celebrate, but that celebration doesn’t always have to turn into a rationalization for eating junk food. If you’re the type of person who goes through periods of deprivation and binge-eating, here’s how to get off the cycle: Stop depriving yourself.

That doesn’t mean that you should binge eat all the time. But, you should be comfortable eating sweet foods in moderation once in a while, while concentrating most of your efforts on eating nutritious foods most of the time. Instead of letting loose at every holiday, use the “principle of concentrated awesome” to enjoy yourself.

Get the most expensive treat you can afford – it’s rate-limiting. Adding serious cost to your “cheat days,” will curb your desire to binge.

Take It Easy at Easter

That second helping is rarely necessary, even at Easter dinner. But, many people toss logic to the wind and do it anyway. Here’s an alternative: focus on eating a normal meal and not breaking your routine. A lot of Easter feasts force you to break your normal routine. People will skip breakfast and then overeat at dinner – and then pay the consequences. Instead, have a healthy breakfast and lunch, and then eat a sensible Easter meal.

You’ll enjoy yourself much more, and you still get to have your chocolate Easter bunny.

Controlling Holiday Cheer

Those food holidays like 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are sneaky. You never really realize the amount of snacks that make it into your mouth until you hit the scales a week later. A great way to fight this problem is to maintain your normal routine as best as you possibly – just like with other day. Don’t skip your morning workouts and continue to exercise moderation.

You can also supplement the sugary snacks with some great diabetic recipes from LifeScan Canada Ltd. Low-sugar options will be lower in calories and good for you, even if you’re not diabetic.

Drink Smoothies Every Day

Smoothies are another great way to fill you up so that you just don’t have the appetite for junk food around the holidays. Make a fruit or vegetable smoothie and throw in an egg or two, and you’ve got yourself a healthy meal replacement.

Go For an Hour-Long Walk Every Morning

People will make all sorts of excuses for not exercising, but they will gleefully watch five hours of television at night. Instead of following the herd, trade in one hour of television for an hour of walking. If you can’t give up the TV, try using an exercise bike while you watch. You can also get up and move around during commercials. You’ll feel better, it’ll help to keep the weight off, or at least steady, and you’ll be doing your body good long-term.

Author Bio: Joe Kee has worked hard to lose over 30 pounds. A passionate writer, he hopes to help others by posting what has worked best for him. Look for his informative and helpful articles on a variety of websites and blogs today.

Free People February Catalog-AD

Free People February Catalog

February Catalog – Free People hits the streets of Rome for our swoon-worthy February collection. Join model, Karmen Pedaru, as she takes you on a ride through the streets of Italy’s capital city and the place she calls home. The catalog showcases Karmen in true Free people fashion as she strikes a pose opposite favorite landmarks in spring-ready looks. Sticking to a color palette of blues and neutrals, the styling features casual and comfortable looks alongside festive numbers. Shop theFebruary Catalog today!

The Spring Accessories Edit – A fail-proof guide to staples you shouldn’t walk out without. ShopSpring’s Must-Have Accessories today!

The Love Shop – Inspired by that special someone in your life and created with love. Celebrate the month of love with Free People! Shop The Love Shop today!

Spectacular Celebs You Probably Didn’t Know Wear Specs- Guest Post

Wearing glasses sometimes appears to be as much a fashion statement as a necessity, but celebrities are no different to the rest of us when it comes to needing some help with their eyesight.

Here is a look at some high-profile spec wearers and maybe some of them are wearing them as part of their look, especially if they already been to somewhere like this site and taken the increasingly popular option of having laser eye surgery instead of relying on glasses or contact lenses.

Kimberley Walsh – Aloud and proud about her glasses

The Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh has been seen in some stunning pictures wearing her bold glasses. Her view seems to be that wearing glasses can be a fun way of expressing yourself and don’t be afraid to wear something bold.

Apparently, Kimberley is definitely one of those celebrities that actually needs help with her eyesight and has been wearing her glasses for about six years.

Looking good in glasses

The paparazzi are always busy snapping away and capturing numerous different celebrities who almost seem to be sporting a different look each time you see them in public.

Stars like Anne Hathaway, Rashida Jones and Jenny McCarthy have all been spotted wearing dark-rimmed glasses that are either part of their look or might actually be needed, but they certainly seem to grab the attention of the photographers.

Karlie Kloss has been spotted wearing a turtle-shell pair of glasses and Jennifer Aniston is often seen wearing various different pairs of spectacles, and certainly manages to look good in whatever pair of glasses she is sporting.

Big Glasses for big personalities

Large glasses certainly seem to be a popular choice as well as dark-rimmed spectacles. Anne Hathaway has been seen sporting an over-sized pair of glasses as one of her choices and Lady Gaga seems to have her own set of wardrobe rules as we know, so big glasses for her are definitely sometimes an option.

Chloe Sevigny is not afraid to go for bold frames and bold lips, complimenting her bold statement glasses with an equally bold red lipstick to stand out from the crowd.

If you are trying to achieve a laid-back yet edgy look, you might want to take a look at how Rhianna has got that covered with her glasses and another fashion leader rather than follower, Katy Perry, manages to pull off another glamorous look with a pair of cat eye frames.

Helena Bonham Carter is definitely a unique personality and she has been seen sporting several pairs of quirky glasses around town, which seem to manage to sum her up quite well and proves that glasses can be used to make a fashion statement and also say something about the person wearing them.

Buddy Holly style eye wear certainly seems to be trending at the moment and maybe some of these celebrities are wearing their glasses out of necessity, or perhaps they rely on their contacts or have had laser eye treatment, we can’t say for sure.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

Author Bio: Carl Robinson is an eyecare worker who is always on the lookout for eye health news. When he finds something, he likes to share it by posting on the web. Look for his articles on many of today’s websites and blogs.

Weekly Instagram Wrap Up

Hey Everyone! Things have been pretty quiet around here this past week. We made it through the blizzard that was not really a blizzard and we are now on to the bitter cold. We also launched a new site this week, Clean Eating Mommy. Check it out! This week was a pretty good week in pictures and we gained a handful of new followers on Instagram. Check out some of the pictures that were featured on our Instagram this past week:

Nyc Fit Food Fashion

NYC Fit Food Fashion

NYC Fit Food Fashion

NYC Fit Food Fashion

NYC Fit Food Fashion

NYC Fit Food Fashion

NYC Fit Food Fashion

NYC Fit Food Fashion

NYC Fit Food Fashion

NYC Fit Food Fashion

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